Adding the Facebook Conversion API

Since the new ITP update from Apple, it is becoming increasingly difficult to use the traditional Facebook Pixel in combination with Apple devices. (iPhone, MacBook, etc)

That is why Facebook has developed a new functionality: The Facebook Conversions API

This API offers the possibility to exchange data directly via the AdPage server. The data is therefore no longer collected via the browser, but via the AdPage server. The data is then sent directly to Facebook. Facebook then tries to match the data with its own data so that the conversions and target groups can be measured correctly.

Below is a tutorial on how to connect the Facebook Conversions API with AdPage:

Once the settings are correct, the following events are automatically sent to Facebook:
When loading landing page ➡️ PageView
When filling out a form ➡️ Lead
When initiating a payment ➡️ InitiateCheckout
When completing payment ➡️ Purchase

When sending the event, we send as much data as possible so that Facebook can make the correct matching.

Advantages of Conversions API over the Pixel:
Retargeting up to 180 days possible
No more errors in conversion meeting
No more problems with AdBlockers (27% has an AdBlocker in the Netherlands)
Funnel fully transparent

NOTE: The Facebook conversion API only works if you have connected to your own (sub)domain name that is verified by Facebook.

Updated on: 25/08/2021

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