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Editing the menu element

With the menu item in your right side panel you can add a menu to your page. This will only work if you have more pages in the same project. To add more pages click on the "Pages" icon in your left side panel:

Then click on "Create Page" to make a new page, you can make as many pages as you want within the same project. After you have made two or more pages you can enable the menu items. Click on "Menu" in the left side panel:

Once in the menu items you can give the page a name, based on how you want them to show up in the menu. And then add the page you want to show in the menu like shown in following screen:

Note: The menu will mostly show up in the header if you have added a header. If you don't have a header on your page or haven't added the menu item yet. The menu will not show up. In the editor the menu looks like this:

Updated on: 12/01/2021

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