Quizzes are a great to interact with your visitors or to do market research. In this tutorial I will show you step by step, how you can start with Quizzes. 

There are 2 ways to get started: 

Create a quiz by using a template.
Create a quiz by starting from a page from scratch.

Below you will find how you can start from scratch. In the video at the start of this article, you can see how you can start using a template. 

So let's start from scratch: 

1.Create a new project. Click on the button on the project page

2.Click on one of the blank template

Name your project
Add pre-filled section or start from scratch by defining the columns. In this tutorial I will start from scratch by defining just one collumn.
Click on the ''+'' sign.

Now you will see that different elements will appear. Choose the quiz element.

After it's added it will show the ''puzzle'' icon, click on that.

Now you will see the quiz wizard:

Name your quiz and click on ''Create a quiz'' button.
Now you can create your first question by clicking on ''Create question''

After you've filled in your question, you can add your answers.

You can also give answers particular points. Those points can be used in order to define the outcome of your pages.
In order to define the outcome, you need to go to the ''Response'' tab which is on the right of the questions tab.

Now you can click on ''Create logic''. After that you can define what the outcome will be if the visitor has earned particular points based upon his given answers.

You can define a message after the user or you can redirect to a particular page. (ideal for funnel building)

When you are done defining the points, you can go to the latest tab ''Lead Form''. Here you can define the data you want to catch from the visitor. More details on the Form builder you can find here
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