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How to integrate the TikTok Events API

Due to blocking of Third Party cookies by the big Tech Giant Apple, it's not a best practice anymore to only add a Tracking Script to your Landing Page or Popup. By using the TikTok Events API you're able to track conversions using a Server 2 Server connection. At the same time, we are still using the TikTok Pixel together with the TikTok Events API for Deduplication. Which is a best practice and recommended by TikTok.

Check the short tutorial video:

In order to setup the TIkTok Events API, you can follow the following steps:

Go to your TikTok Campaign Management dashbaord and go to Events.

TikTok Events

Click on the pixel that you want to integrate with AdPage

Now you can copy the Pixel ID

Copy the Pixel ID of TikTok

Paste this Pixel ID in AdPage
Paste the Pixel ID in Editor.

Go to settings in TikTok and than copy the Access Token

Copy the TikTok Access Token

Model Access Token

Paste the Access Token in the Editor

Paste Token.

Now it's time to test the Connection. You can go to Settings and then check if it gives back a succes response from TikTok.


If it gives back a Success Message, than it works. If it gives back a fail message then you probably have a typo in your Pixel or Access Token.


Updated on: 10/06/2022

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