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I need an integration with a third-party tool that is not listed, how do I do this?

It is impossible for us to connect directly with all SaaS tools. Check if we have a connection with your tool by going to the editor. Add a form, and then click on the button and then on the wall plug. 

At the moment we integrate with the following SaaS tools:

Zapier (You can connect with more than 1000+ apps)

Based upon your user feedback you can request more apps in the future. Just go to Trello and add a feature request or upvote one:

In order to integrate with one of the above tools: 

You simply go to the button of the from and click on it.
A toolbar with 4 options is appearing. Click on the plug.
Now you can view the integrations.
Click on one of the integrations you want to connect.

If your tool is not there, you can decide to connect with Zapier. More information about this you can find here

Another option would be to use our embed element. Most tools offer an embed function in which they give you a code snippet that you can embed on your page, more info can be read here

Updated on: 12/01/2021

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