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Installing the Shopify plugin

AdPage Tagging and Shopify can be easily integrated using the specially developed Shopify app.

Installing the Shopify Plugin

The Shopify plugin can be found at the following URL: [SHOPIFY URL].

After installation, you can click on the "Install" button in the plugin. Upon clicking the button, scripts for integration will be automatically installed. Once these are installed, you will be redirected to the Shopify editor, where on the left side, you will see the following menu:

Shopify app embeds

If you don't see AdPage Tagging listed, use the search bar and look for "AdPage". Once you find it, you can enable it using the button (refer to the orange arrow in the image below).

AdPage settings

By clicking on the menu item indicated by the red arrow, you can expand settings and get the option to enter a GTM config. You can find this configuration in the Tagging dashboard (see the section below to find out where to locate this).

After making the adjustments, remember to click on the save button.

###Setting Up AdPage Tagging
To utilize all Shopify functionalities, you need to adjust your pixel's platform to Shopify. To do this, you should have an AdPage Tagging account and have created your first container. Note: To use functionalities like cookie recovery, you need to enable cookie recovery in the "Dataprotection" tab first.

AdPage Tagging

Blue arrow: Enter your web container ID here.
Red arrow: Enable cookie recovery.
In the platform dropdown, choose Shopify, indicated by the orange arrow.

After these steps, you will see the following:

AdPage Tagging Pixel

The Shopify installation configuration can be easily copied and pasted into the Shopify app embed created in the first step of this article.

I Already Have a Pixel
If you've previously created a pixel for installing on a website or landing page, you can delete it by clicking on "delete," and then follow the steps above to create it again.

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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