Before you integrate Stripe Payments in the builder it's important to make sure that all the settings in Stripe are correct. 

Important note: If you want to activate iDeal payments (Dutch Payments), make sure that you have activated that in your Stripe Account. More info about that you can find here:

Please perform the following steps: 

1. Enable Checkout in the Dashboard.

Make sure you are logged into your stripe account. Go to this link:

For dutch it looks like this:

2. Create products in the Dashboard

Navigate to the Products
Click New
Click One-time purchase products or Recurring

3. Go to the settings menu item in your account.

4. Click on the button ''Connect account'' in the stripe section.

5. Now Stripe asks permission to connect with the Page Builder. Click on 'Connect my Stripe account.'

6. Your stripe account is now connected.

7. Go back to the editor and add the payment element to your page

8. The payment button appears now.

9. After clicking on the button, click on the credit card icon.

10. A pop-up comes where you can select your connected Stripe accounts.

11. Click on ''Use account''

12. On the left side bar you can select your product. After selecting your SKUs connected to that product appears.

13. If you want to collect Address information, you can simply click on the checkbox ''Collect Address'' and then Stripe will also save the address details.

Important note: Address details will not be saved to the system, you need to get the Address Details from Stripe. *

14. Finally you can decide the Success Page and the Failure (cancel) page. Click on create and you are ready to receive payments.

This is how Checkouts look with and without ''Collect Address''



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