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Left side panel

Left side panel

You can save by clicking on the disk icon


Every 10 seconds after your last action AdPage will save your changes automatically. 

Pages (2nd icon)

It's possible to have multiple pages within one project. So you cannot only create landing pages but also create a stunning website.  You can easily 'Create pages' by clicking on the button ''Create page'' and you can edit them by clicking on the blocks beneath it. 

Sections (3rd icon)

By clicking on this icon your sections will appear. Pages are divided into sections. Within this part, you can delete, duplicate or re-order your sections.  

General Styling (6th icon)

This is the icon for the general styling on your page. You can use the text editor to modify single pieces of text however you can input your fonts and general color of the page here:

SEO settings (5th icon)

By clicking on this icon your SEO settings will appear. Here you can change the following: 

Page title
OG image (The image shown when you share it on social media)

Code-Injection (6th icon)

Here you can inject codes for example the Facebook pixel or GTM code. Do you want to know more about code-injection? Please click here.

Codes will only be loaded into published pages, you cannot see them in the preview version

Menu (7th icon)

With this Menu icon, you can add menu items to the page. By clicking on it, the menu pop-up appears. Here you can define the name of your menu items and connect the correct page to it. Below you see the image on how you connect the page to the menu item. 


Are you interested in seeing how your page shows on mobile or tablet? With this option, you are able to check your page design on mobile, tablet and desktop.


Ready to publish? Then you can publish your page here. Do you want to know more about publishing? Please click here.

Return to dashboard

The return to the dashboard icon brings you to the overview of all your projects. 

Updated on: 12/01/2021

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