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Put the builder on your own domain (CNAME)

Usually we serve the builder over a name chosen by you followed by the domain. Obviously to offer your clients the full white-label experience it is possible to serve this builder over your own domain. You can do this by following these steps:

After login go to "Settings" and visit the "Domain" tab:

Here you can insert your own domain and click on the button "Add domain". After you have done this you will see the following screen:

You need this details to go to your hosting provider and point the CNAME of the right subdomain to the domain shown at required value. This will always be the domain were your builder is currently live on.

After you have done this please give some time for the domain to resolve, verify and to request ssl.

Please note: we get a lot of people requesting support for DNS in 95% of these cases the problem is within the DNS settings. We cant change these settings for you. Please make sure that the is set to the "required value" if this is not the case then your settings are probably wrong. To double check this, please visit

Updated on: 12/01/2021

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