Quizzes are an ideal way to get more data than only e-mails. You can use this data to be more relevant for your audience. Several use cases are possible:
Send an e-mail campaign to your current audience and ask some questions so you can better define their persona
Engage you audience by asking questions and ask for lead data and send them to a custom thank you page.
Use Personalization feature (coming soon) to use the quiz answers to show the right content on you landing page or popup

You can create a quiz within your landing page by adding the quiz element to a collum:

Add Quiz

After adding it, the element looks like this:

Click on the element and than click on the quiz icon:

![Quiz icon](https://storage.crisp.chat/users/helpdesk/website/2ae15b7ad67a2a00/image_i6gya5.png" alt="Quizz"/>

Now the quiz wizard will open:

Quiz wizard

Here you can create a question:


After clicking on the ''Create question'' button you can answers to it:

Add Answers

After entering your questions and answers you can give points to answers:


You can use those points to define the outcome of the quiz:


After defining your points you can create the form:

If you want to use no form you can decide to change the field to a hidden field, so than only the button to go to the thank you page is left over:

HIdden input
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