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Set-up SMTP for whitelabel notifications

Provide your SMTP, so e-mails to customers will be send over your own domain.

In order to activate this, a valid SMTP account is required. AdPage will use your own mailserver for sending out all e-mail notifications. Please note that big campaigns with much traffic, might give you a lot of emails.

Take a look at the video below to learn how to set-up SMTP for your own agency. We personally use Mailgun or SendGrid for sending out emails. But any mailserver should do.

Step-by-step guide:

The guide below are the steps for when you use Mailgun.

Login to your agency admin dashboard
Go to the "Settings"-tab from the navigation and click "E-mail"
Set a sender name, this will appear in the mailbox of your clients, you probably want to use your agency name for this.
Set a sender email, this is the emailaddress that will be shown as sender. This will also be used when customers reply to the automatic email. In case you don't want that, use a "no-reply" for example.
The host, user, password, port and encryption credentials can be found at your email service provider. In our case, it's Mailgun.

Once this is set-up, login as a client and enable lead notifications. Please note that this box will only be shown if all fields have been set. If you did that, set some notification receivers. More about that can be found here

You might want to test if emails are sent. To do so, place a form at a project that has lead notifications enabled. Submit the form and take a look at the email logs. In Mailgun, they keep logs by default for 5 days on the free plan.

Updated on: 12/01/2021

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